You Inspire My Inner Serial Killer

Redrum <3
My name is Azlyn I'm 16 I'm a total bitch 99% of the time c': I don't really care what you have to say about me because really if you have something rude to say, I've probs heard it all before. I'm really just looking for the Gomez to my Morticia c; I am a total Horror movie buff <3 And chances are, I went through what you are right now, so if you ever need someone to talk to or your feeling suicidal then please message me and let me help you <3


One of the best out takes from any television show, ever. 

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nice friend person:hey, how've you been?
me:capitalism is crushing me. i am barely surviving. i am full of toxic resentment. i want revenge.


trying to bang with ur boo while ur parent in the other room


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Acting like you don’t care is not letting it go.


BEWARE: smoking weed can have dangerous side effects, such as never shutting the fuck up about the fact you smoke weed

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I was on 8tracks looking for new playlists and found thisimage


I really don’t know what I expected.

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finding out that someone very hot follows you


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Be committed, not attached. But more importantly, know the difference.
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